LEOMAX COIN HOLDER Slide in-out type with Card holder 2in1 Model No. CH-1146 (Box Color - Clear Black)


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LEOMAX COIN HOLDER Slide in-out type with Card holder 2in1 Model No. CH-1146 (Box Color - Clear Black)

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Size & Weight

SIZE :  W x L x H  : 8.7 x 4.0 x 3.3 cm.

Weight : 42 g.


- Coin Holder CH-1146 made from High Quality Plastic.

- Coin Holder CH-1146 can contain 3 Type of "THAI COIN" - 1 Baht , 5 Baht , 10 Baht type

Containable Amount of Coin for CH-1146

- 1 Baht Coin - 16 Coins

- 5 Baht Coin - 12 Coins

- 10 Baht Coin - 10 Coins

- Coin Holder CH-1146 have the card holder at the back of the product.


- Clean the surface of the position you want to install.

- Use the 3M adhesive tape attach to the postion firmly

- The product can be removed and re-attach without damaging the surface you have installed.


- Don't attach the product near flame or near the place that have very high temperature (over 60 celcius degree).


EXAMPLE  VDO CLIP - How to Use the product.



Q: How is the product useful?

A: It can organize coins and card for your car. It has a modern shape that suitable for your car.

Q: How to install?

A: All products have 3M adhesive tape that can use on various surfaces. It will not damage the installed surface when you want to remove from installed location.

Q: What is the product quality?

A: The box is made of PLASTIC Grade A, ABS, PS. Coin coin holder is made of soft PVC. It can slide, store or take a coin and card easily.

Q: Whom this product suit for?

A: People who like to organize the coin and card in their car.

And people who are looking for souvenirs, good price, affordable for friends, family, girlfriend, etc

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