LEOMAX Cushion Mirror - Door Car - mirror ear DG-16 car with black ruby ??red light 2 sets with 3M adhesive does not damage the car. (ฺBlack)


Product Description

LEOMAX Cushion Mirror - Door Car - Mirror Car Head DG-16 Black with Ruby Red Sonde Set 2 pieces with 3M adhesive does not damage the car (black).

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Product size (width, height) c.1.5 × 15 × 0.7

Total weight: 250 g


- Made of PVC Grade A plastic with high flexibility. Can be bent to form with the surface.

- Installed to prevent damage caused by the impact of the car surface. With other things like walls, walls, cars, etc.

- Use 3M adhesive strips. Do not damage the car surface.

- Can be installed on the door edge or car bumper edge or other desired position.

- ruby ??reflected Evident Increase safety in driving.

- 1 year warranty by the manufacturer.


- Clean the area to be installed. Clean, dust and oil free.

- Wipe the surface to be installed dry. Then remove the 3M adhesive tape attached to the rear of the rubber shock.

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