LEOMAX ruby ??square reflector rectangular PVC base model SR-447 ruby ??red 2 sets with 3M adhesive does not damage the car surface.


Ruby reflective SR-447

product code

11 mm long, 26 mm wide

Weight: 102 grams

Product dimensions (length, width, height) cm, 2.2 × 16 × 0.7.
Available package sizes (dimensions) cm, 10.5 × 25.5 × 1.0.
Weight 102 g
Weight 103 g packages
Code VN-329

- Ruby plastic lens quality. And the base is made of plastic ABS.
- Beauty on the lights. And a sign warning light on the butter rider cars.
To prevent the slick
- Easy to install, compatible with conventional vehicles. And on the other Want

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