LEOMAX Bumper & Door Guard model SG-550 special version of black rubber with 2 sets of chrome shiny eyebrow with 3M adhesive does not damage the car surface.


Product Description

SG-550 big damper door.

product code

Width cm length cm

Weight: 325 grams

Product dimensions (length, width, height) cm, 1.5 × 15 × 0.7.
Available package sizes (dimensions) cm, 14 × 50 × 1.0.
weight g
Weight 357 g packages
Code VN-327

The tire is made of high quality PVC plastic infection for next door to the car bumper and another object.
Such as walls or other cars to reduce the impact or scrape with various objects. And enhance the beauty of your car

How to Install
Clean the area to be installed. Clean and free from dust and oil.
Bring a pen-type negative Glue or tape the paper to the line selected and copied.
Adhesive tape was attached to the rear bumper off. And grafted into the rubber
The line is made out of rubber, then press the palms firmly.

It should be ensured that the installation Do not remove the rubber Frequently Emืei installed because it makes.
Adhesive tapes deteriorate The tire could come easily

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