LEOMAX Mudguard, Model Buddy 4x4, Set of 2 Pcs (Color Black)

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LEOMAX Mudguard, Model Buddy 4x4, Set of 2 Pcs (Color Black)

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Size and weight

Size: width 28 cm, length 50 cm

Weight: 1200 g

Product dimensions (L x H x H) 28 x 50 × 3.0

Product size with package (width x height) c.133 × 65.5 × 3.0


- Made of PE Grade A plastic, bent, crispy and not crispy or cracked when used for a long time.

- Prevent rubble, sand, gravel, liquids or dirt. The splash from the wheels to the car body better. The mud attached to the car.

- Add beauty. Suitable for installation Both sedan and general pickup can be used on the front and rear. By trimming into the picture with the original attached to the car.

How to install

- Always park in a smooth area. For easy and convenient mudguard placement. To look good and beautiful both left and right.

Fit the muddy rubber to the rotor wheel. And a modest distance between the bottom of the tire and the mud.

Road surface by weight calculation. To protect the tires against clogging the road.

- After getting the desired position To drill the rubber mount to the top of the car body. And look up the distance again. When assuring the position.

Then measure the screws and screws. Clamp down below.


- Do not place near flames.

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