LEOMAX Car Mirror Model FORMULA . Black bracket, 1 piece, 330 mm wide mirror.

Categories : 6) CAR MIRROR


This version of the long mirror 330 m.m. RM-12.
product code

Wide and 11 cm long, 42 cm

Weight 271 g

Product dimensions (length, width, height) cm and 7 × 34 × 3.0.
Available package sizes (dimensions) cm, 11 × 42 × 3.5.
Weight 271 g
Weight 271 g packages
Code VN-408

- Shaped glass, sleek, lightweight and does not result in the broken glass.
And not misappropriate lost sight of the driver.
- To make the picture more clear and far-reaching. Ensuring the riders
- Easy installation, just clip to the original glass. And for use with general
- Say the glass is made of ABS plastic and sheet glass infection plaster.
With the mercury well shadow

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