LEOMAX Small Mirror Model BM-451 for Car Side Mirror with 3M Adhesive Tape which does not damage the mounting surface. (2 Pieces/Set)

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LEOMAX Small mirror with side mirrors, model BM-451 with 3M adhesive does not cause the surface to be broken (2 pieces / set)

Product size (width, height) cm 2.2 × 7 × 0.7

Product size with package (width, height) cm 10.0 × 18.0 × 1.0

Weight 68 grams

Code VN-407


- Glass frame made of ABS plastic with quality glass texture.

- Increased safety of driving. When installing the BM-451 reinforced glass on the door mirrors.

- Light weight, slim, easy to install, suitable for general car and also can be installed inside the car. Rearview mirror in car The sun visor To use makeup or other spots As needed

How to install

Strip off the tape off the tape. On the back of the optional mirror Then put on the glass texture. 

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