LEOMAX Rubber Car Mat Flat type Model LION for Rear Seats Set 2 Pieces (Black Color)


Product Description

LEOMAX Tire Car LION flat tire for back pack 2 pieces (black)

product code



Width 38 cm

Length 50 cm

Weight 2000 grams (2 pieces ,1000 each)


- Made from special grade A natural rubber.

- Do not skid time to use. Not tear easily

- Designed with modern patterns. Suitable for general car Both a pickup and a 4-door saloon.

- There is a stretch in the body. Can be cleaned

- Rubber floor is thick, durable pedal is not easy.


Because the material is 100% natural rubber can be cleaned. But do not leave the sun for a long time. Because it can cause the tire to wear out.

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