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LEOMAX Car Trunk Plastic Tray Size 60 x 85 cm. Sport Tray (Color Black)


Product Description


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Width 60 cm
Length 85 cm

Weight 1.60 kg

Product dimensions (length, width, height) 60 × 85 × 3.
Available package sizes (dimensions) 60 × 85 × 3.

Weight 1.60 kg
Packages weighing 1.60 kg
Code VN-133-1

- Production of LDPE plastic to form a thick, durable not fragile.
- Shape specially designed floor pan with striped long as the object is slipping into the tray raised.
Protect the wet Do not let water flow out of the tray.
- Universal use Shelf for paving the car needs. The items in your trunk.
Organized and easy to pick up the comforts.

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