LEOMAX [วางแก้ว CARRY ฝาโกโก้-ถ้วยครีม] ที่วางแก้วอเนกประสงค์ รุ่น CARRY พร้อมตะขอแขวน ติดตั้งได้ 2 แบบ เสียบข้างเบาะ- ขวนเบาะด้านหลัง 1 ชิ้น สีฝาหน้าโกโก้-ส่วนถ้วยครีม

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Product Description

LEOMAX [CARRY CC-CM] Multi-Purpose Drink Holder CARRY with hanging hooks attached (Color Front Cover Coco , Drink Holder Cream)

Product Code


Size and Weight

Product dimensions (width, height): 9.5 × 27.5 × 21.5 cm
Product dimensions (package width): 11 × 29 × 23 cm
Work Weight: 350 g.
Package weight: 600 g.

There are 2 sizes of glass slots: large slot 75 millimeters for common glassand 65 millimeters for soft drink cans. coffee cansor slim water bottles. To prevent falling which increase driving confidence
Special design separate storage ,Regularly organized, such as mobile , pen , miscellaneousand "Thai Coin" slot.
Made of durable plastic, lightweight, washable.
Can be easily installed. It can be installed in two ways: insert the slot between the front seat and center console, or use the hanging hook that comes with the product to hang back.
Made in Thailand and has patented Product Design No. 1802002803.

Two types of installation:

Plug in the front seat and center console.
Use the hanging hook that comes with the product to hang behind the driver's seat or the driver's side seat.


Do not place the product near flames or near heat-sensitive areas, as they may damage the product.

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