LEOMAX Mud Guard Stylish Eyebrow Type for edge of the car wheel arch. Model KF-1406 2 Pcs/Set (Green)(copy)

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LEOMAX Mud Guard Stylish Eyebrow Type for edge of the car wheel arch. Model KF-1406  2 Pcs/Set (Green)

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Size and weight

Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 1.5 x 32 x 0.7 cm

Product dimensions (package width): 11 x 45 x 1.0 cm

Total weight: 150 g


- Made of PVC Grade A plastic with high flexibility. Can be bent to form with the surface.

- Can be mounted on the edge of the wheel arch. The position behind the wheels of all four wheels to prevent mud, gravel or other dirt. Splash on the car body Cause a trace Dirt on the car body

- Installed to prevent damage caused by the impact of the car surface. With other things like walls, walls, cars, etc.

- The product is colorful, shiny, beautiful and different to add beauty to the car.

- The product uses 3M adhesive quality does not damage the car surface installed.

- 1 year warranty by the manufacturer.

How to install

- Clean the area to be installed. Clean, dust and oil free.

- Wipe the surface to be installed dry. Then remove the 3M adhesive tape attached to the rear of the rubber shock.

- The workpiece on the surface to be installed. Without pressing or rolling to the surface. To see the location If not, the orientation is required. Can be peeled off and then repaired.

- When finished position. Press and iron the work surface smoothly again. Leave it free from water or liquid for 24 hours.


- Do not install if the surface is not clean. Due to dust or moisture, adhesive strips can peel off the surface of the installation.

- Do not pull the tire - often. After installation It will make the adhesive quality deterioration. The tire may fall easily.

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