LEOMAX KD-1405 Door Cushions (White) - 4 pieces / set for door to door cushioning



KD-1405 Door Guard

Code VN-336

Size 1.5 cm, length 7.5 cm

Weight: 66 g

Product size (width, height) c.1.5 × 7.5 × 0.7

Product dimensions with package (width x height) cm 13 × 22 × 2.0

Weight 55.7 ??grams

Weight with package 66 g


The rubber is made of high quality PVC plastic, suitable for the door edge to prevent damage to other objects such as walls, walls or other vehicles, reducing impact or scuffing with objects. And add beauty to the car. How to install clean the area to be installed. Clean, dust and oil free. Remove the pen. Or tape the adhesive tape to the selected point and then peel off the adhesive tape that is attached to the rear of the rubber shock. And put the tire on. The point is made then use the palm to push the tire firmly.


Be sure to install it. Do not pull the tire. Often installed when it will cause adhesive tape deterioration. The tire may easily fall off "
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