PVC plastic flooring CLEAR RUBY four pieces.

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Car Floor Mat Color Set


PVC plastic flooring CLEAR RUBY four pieces.

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There are three colors black, pink, blue, clear, clear.
 50 cm long, 68 cm
 50 cm long, 41 cm
Weight: 2.8 kg

Weight 2.8 kg packages
Code VN-920

- Production of Special Grade A pungent odor.
- Form with the footwell of the car. No slipping at work
- Designed with a modern design Suitable for cars The pickup single cab and four-door coupe segment.
- Compatible with Small and medium sedans like Honda Brio, City, Nissan March, Amira, Toyata Vios, Yaris.
- Customers buying a set price will be cheaper than buying them separately.
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