LEOMAX PVC Car Floor Mat. Flat Type. Model Ruby with Anti-Slip Spike (Color Clear ฺBlue)


LEOMAX PVC Car Floor Mat. Flat Type. Model Ruby with Anti-Slip Spike (Color Clear Blue)

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Size and weight

Product Size (High Width): 39 × 55 × 0.3

Product dimensions with package (High Width) 43 × 60 × 0.3

Weight 400 grams


Products made of special plastic grade A lightweight, highly flexible.

Higher quality goods made of natural rubber. Because it has no pungent odor, it is rugged, tear-resistant and washable without deterioration.

The shape is smooth. Soft, flexible material can be applied to the material surface of the car as well.

Product design beautiful. With a jog lever on the underside of the floor sheet, it does not slip during driving.

Designed with a beautiful modern design suitable for car painting. It is available as a saloon, pickup truck, SUV MPV and other general use as appropriate.

Help protect the carpet floor of the car from dirt. Or stains. It also protects the heat from the floor as well.

Warranty from the manufacturer up to 3 years, ensuring product quality.


Can be cleaned easily. Just spray water to clean and in case of oil stain. Can use detergent washing Clean instantly


Do not use a sharp knife to scrape flat floor. Because it can tear it.

Do not put a blanket to block the use of the foot pedal. Clutch - Brake - Throttle Because it is too dangerous to drive.

Do not place near hot areas or near flames. Because of the quality of the product deterioration.

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