LEOMAX Battery Starter Cable Length 4 meters.


LEOMAX Car Battery Starter Cable Length with Thick Plastic Bag (Length 4.0 meters)

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- Made from standard copper wire wrapped with quality PVC Plastic Handle

- Handle made of durable PVC plastic with copper clamp clamp on the end of the head and poles.

- Pin handle Can be fixed both vertical and horizontal.

- Can be used with battery sizes from 6-24 volts easy to use.


- Battery to be used together. Must be equal voltages. And clamped to the two battery terminals.

By the anode clamped with + (red) and black-clamped with black.

- Do not use all kinds of electrical equipment inside the car. When the engine starts.

- "P" for Auto-type Car. And keep flammable items away from the trailer start point every time.
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