LEOMAX License Plate Cover Model VN-610. Front Cover - Stainless Steel, Rear Cover - ABS. Set 2 Pcs (Color Metalic Silver)


LEOMAX VN-610 SPEED MASTER 2-piece (stainless steel face frame)



Workpiece Size and Weight

Dimensions: 16.5 x 36.5 x 0.9 cm.

Weight: 300 g / piece (2 pieces)

Package Weight: 690 g


- Stainless steel quality stainless steel license plate frame. The frame is reflective stainless steel. Add beauty

- The back frame is made of ABS plastic material, durable and easy to break.

- 1 set with 2 pieces & nbsp; fully equipped for installation

- Designed to fit a standard car plate.

Do not cut the license plate. - Easy to install license plate fit not loose. Do not make the license plate vibrate while driving.

How to install

1. Attach the back frame to the front or rear bolt holes of the car. & Nbsp;

2. Put the license plates in place or place them with the back of the car that is already attached to the car.

3. Bring the cover frame to the back frame and tie it to the back frame by tightening the four screws provided in the package.

4. In the case of holes in the back plate. Does not match the position of the car nut bolt. & Nbsp; can drill the back of the frame.
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