Label the GT-B box


Product Description

Label the GT-B box

product code

Wide and 36 cm long, 16 cm

Weight: 610 grams


Part B label pads made from quality ABS plastic, which will not allow the car to rust. And punching
More as needed The size of the label sheet is designed to fit the width of equal size.
Real plates Issued by the Department of Transport. Do not have to cut any part of the panel, leaving the label.

Shaped frame compact Not misappropriate names and numbers K.t. province. Which is required by the regulations of the Department of Transportation.
The Division of Traffic Mao and works with European or Japanese brands in general.

How to Install
Mounting pads or rear panel label Part B into the bumper. Then the plate against attack. Without registration plate hole.
Remove the label on the cover A to B, then screw the caps tightly and 4 below.

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