LEOMAX folding glass Install with DH-931 black box air purifier 1 pack.


DH-931 glass wall upholstery.
product code

Dimensions: 13 cm long, 18.5 cm

Weight: 85 g

- Made of ABS plastic, the rigid unbreakable. And you can hang with plastic PP.
- Use a glass or beverage cans. A slim and can be folded when not in use.
- Can be turned - into Axial iron pillow head. For both the driver and the back seat.

How to Install
- Press the lock core pillow pillow head and pull up.
- Led chain hook inserted into the core. And plug the pillow into the same box. Then position the head into the pillow.
Right position

- Chain hook only available vehicle models use a pillow core only.
- The retractable glass base when not in use. Avoid placing near the flame

- Do not place heavy objects over 1 kg and shelf-shaped high barrier of steel springs.

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